Omni Lids

from £1.95

These assistive lids are made from white silicone and are very discreet and secure when fitted to the Omni adaptive cup or mug. They feature a drinking aperture that promotes independence and reduces the risk of spillages. This can be used to aid the hydration intake of elderly and disabled users. The inwardly curved lid of the funnel lid has comfortable nose space. With a single sip through hole they control liquid flow for safe consumption of either hot or cold drinks. Ideal for elderly or anyone with a grip difficulty. Encourages independence and dignity when drinking.

  • Discreetly fits into Omni Cup or Mug

    Reduces risk of spillages

  • Sip liquid through single hole

    Controls liquid flow

  • Funnel lid

    Guides flow of liquid

  • Made of silicone

    Durable and easy to clean