Omni Mug (300ml)

from £3.95

Made from durable melamine this assistive mug is virtually unbreakable and cooler to the touch than a standard porcelain mug. Working perfectly with the Omni saucer, the easy placement aid provides a stable platform for both hot and cold drinks. Secondary grip point and sensory handle means this has all the functionality of a two handled mug or double grip beaker but with the style and dignity of a standard mug. The indent in the rim means a straw can rest securely and the dome means the straw will stay angled. Vibrant contrast colour handle assists with location recognition and aids those with visual impairments. Can be used with Omni sip or funnel lid to reduce risk of spillages and control liquid flow.  Ideal for elderly or anyone with a grip difficulty. Encourages independence and dignity when drinking.

  • Lightweight Melamine

    Keeps hot drink hot and cold drinks cold

  • Discreet internal capacity marker

    Allows hydration to be monitored

  • Stable base with saucer locator

    Ensures cup is always guided to centre of saucer

  • Heat guard on inside of handle

    Prevents burning or scalding

  • Secondary contact point

    Aids double handed support

  • High contrast handle option

    Helpful for those with visual impairment

  • Compatible with Omni Sip and Funnel Lids

    Reduces risk of spillages and controls liquid flow

  • Indented point on rim

    Allows straws to rest of lids to be easily removed