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Add-On Handles and Arm Support help John to garden again


Spinal cord injury which has left me wheelchair bound and a tetralegic

My problems started nearly nine years ago, when I was 76, after I fell from a ladder whilst pruning an apple tree in my garden.  I suffered a broken neck and severe spinal cord injuries which left me totally paralysed and wheelchair bound.  Fortunately some feeling and movement gradually returned which allowed me to resume some limited activities to reduce my previous 24 hour dependence on my carers, mainly my wife.



Add-On Handle (PGT-AH)
Arm Support Cuff (PGT-AS)



The handles and cuff support allow me to manage many garden tools quite easily with my one goodish arm.

One of my main interests used to be gardening but with one side of my body still mainly paralysed there was not a lot I could usefully do.  After all this time I discovered the company “Peta” and an answer to my desire to get busy again in the garden. With one of their Arm Support Cuffs and an Add-On handle I can now competently use a range of long handled garden tools with one arm only.  The secret is the arm cuff which permits the arm to take the weight not just the hand, I hope the illustration shows what I mean.

I am a disabled and elderly person and I cannot say how pleased I was to find the “Peta” website and discover the range of equipment they have cleverly designed to help disabled people in their everyday lives. I am gaining huge benefits from these wonderful tool accessories.  Thoroughly recommend.”