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Fred doesn’t give up with the help of Peta UK’s garden tools

Fred Nicholls

Stroke survivor.

“To begin with I was unable to walk or use my left arm which was very difficult to come to terms with at first. I can now walk quite well thanks to various therapies but my left arm is still very weak and I can no longer drive. I can’t balance very well and can’t really bend down without toppling over, so things which I always took for granted I could do, are now a huge challenge.”

Peta Long Reach & Easi-Grip Garden tools

The tools are great because I don’t have to get so close to the ground which, with my balancing issues, is a real problem as I could easily fall. The right angled handle is extremely handy and comfortable too, enabling me to continue for longer without too much strain on my wrist. I have far greater control with these tools, the long reach cultivator in particular, making them much easier to use than a conventional tool.

“One thing I have learnt since surviving a stroke is that you must never give up. Something that helped me in my quest to continue gardening and maintain my allotments was the use of ergonomic gardening tools from Peta UK. The ease of use encourages me to do more and push myself which I think is really important to stroke survivors.”