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Morgan enjoys gardening again with Peta UK’s long reach tools

NAME: Morgan Hands

Fibromyalgia, a form of arthritis causing joint and muscle pain

It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to spend very long gardening and I would get tired after doing very little. It was extremely frustrating and I often overdid it, determined not to give in to my body telling me to stop. Needless to say, I would always pay for it over the next few days.

Peta Easi-Grip Garden Tools & Add-On Handles with Support Cuff

I can garden for much longer because the strain on my whole body is vastly reduced and I finish with a great sense of achievement. I still feel it the next day, of course, but certainly not to the extremes that had almost stopped me gardening altogether.

“I heard about the Peta tools from my daughter; she suggested I gave them a go and I have not looked back since. The tools have given me the freedom to enjoy my garden and make sure it is kept up to my high standards!”