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Veronica enjoys her garden again thanks to Peta UK

One Peta UK customer that is delighted with the new lease of life her Peta gardening tools have given her is 61-year-old Veronica McTiernan from Tarrytown, New York.

Veronica has MS and, as a keen gardener, was disheartened that digging in her garden and transplanting perennials had become too tiring for her to continue doing.

“Gardening would drain my energy within minutes of attempting to weed, dig, or do anything and the gardening tools that I had were too heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. I often googled “adaptive gardening”, but the only option I ever saw was to have raised garden beds….totally impractical for me to install, expensive and simply not the solution.”

Finally, after a frustrated search, Veronica found her solution from Peta UK; leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of ergonomic tools, aids and assistive devices. Peta’s wide range of ergonomic gardening tools enables people like Veronica to continue enjoying their gardens without the pain and discomfort experienced when using conventional tools. From the Easi-Grip Trowel and Easi-Grip Fork to Peta’s Add-On Handle, which can be fitted to regular garden tools to convert them to ergonomic grip, there is something to help everyone continue gardening with ease.

Veronica’s Peta tools have provided her with the perfect solution and she has now returned to her perennials to give them the TLC they needed:

“I am so grateful for these products and so thrilled with how they have helped me get back to the type of gardening that I love (and crave!). The difference in what I can accomplish in the garden is astounding…I can now garden for hours and do not suffer the muscle fatigue or general fatigue that I normally would. Am I tired afterwards? Of course I am! But it is the way I used to feel after a full day of gardening, and it is very satisfying!!”

Genny Crockett, MD of Peta UK, explains what makes these products so effective and easy to use:

“Our garden tools have been designed in response to feedback from occupational therapists and have a specially angled handle making them supremely comfortable to use. By keeping your hand and wrist in a natural position they eliminate the strains and blisters that can be caused by conventional style garden tools and the “soft-feel” grip has a non-slip, waterproof finish, making the tools easy to grip even with wet hands. We are so pleased to hear such positive stories of people using our products and it is very rewarding to know that they are making such a difference to people’s lives. Happy gardening Veronica!”

And a final word from Veronica:

“Thank you so much Peta, you have given me back such an important part of my life!”

If you or a loved one struggle to garden and would like to get your green fingers going again like Veronica, visit to see the full range of gardening tools and other product ranges available, including kitchen utensils and personal care products. You can also follow @PetaUKLtd on Twitter and ‘like’ the Peta UK Facebook page.