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Easi Grip® Scissors enable Rebecca to continue crafting

NAME: Rebecca

DIFFICULTY ENCOUNTERED: Stills Disease (a very rare severe arthritic condition which is an
autoimmune disease, which I have never grown out of) and indeed not grown very much since I developed the disease when I was 3 and a half years old.  I live with the ongoing illness, and each day is different. I am the second worse case known.  I developed the disease when I was 3 and a half years old. All of my joints are deformed and fused (locked, they do not move).  I cannot move my head, it is fused. My fingers do not move much either. I have very limited movement, which is why people that have seen me, and then see my artwork are amazed I can draw anything at all.

PRODUCTS TRIED: MEG-3 Mini Easi-Grip Craft Scissors


I could not use scissors until I found PETA UK! I personally prefer their children’s red Mini-Easi-Grip (MEG-1) scissors as they suit my particular hand needs better but I do think that these new scissors are a lovely addition to their scissor range.

“ I think these NEW adult MEG-3 Easi-Grip scissors are great for crafting, especially because they are pointed ended scissors, perfect for use with yarn when kitting, or thread when sewing, card when card making excellent for decoupage cutting because of the sharp point that can really get into detailed decoupage sections.”