2 Year Guarantee

NEW!!! Dext RingPull


This Good Design Award Winning Ring-pull can and tin opener smoothly and swiftly opens cans using minimal force. Users gain twice as much leverage as competitor products meaning only half the energy is required to open cans.


The Dext RingPull™ Can Opener is designed so that ring pull cans can be opened smoothly and swiftly in seconds, with minimal amounts of force. The handle provides comfortable grip for any hand, and gives you full control whilst peeling off the lid.  The RingPull™ employs patent pending engineering to provide over 50% more force than competitor products.


  1. Insert wedge under ring pull tab and pull Dext RingPull back so that the tab lifts into an upright position
  2. Insert the hook through the ring pull tab
  3. Gently pull the handle to effortlessly peel off the lid



“If you have a weak grip due to arthritis or just old age, you start to find that the most simplest things become a problem.  This ring pull makes opening cans so easy. It just clips into the ring and pulls back effortlessly. I would recommend this to everyone it’s great!” Tracy, Product Enthusiast

  • Separate actions to lift tab and pull back ring

    Reduces stress on ring so less risk of it snapping off.

  • 20mm width rounded profile handle

    Gives great stability and sits comfortably in hands, even arthritic hands

  • 130mm length from radius

    Improved leverage and accommodates large or swollen hands

  • Closed radius

    Requires less effort and provides increased control.

  • Fulcrum position 45mm from ring pull

    Risk of can tipping whilst lid removed is reduced due to increased stability