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Easi-Grip® All Purpose Knife



Our popular range of Easi-Grip® knives, including the Easi-Grip® All Purpose Knife, has had a design make-over and we’re sure that you will love the results as much as we do!

Firstly, in response to customer requests the handle has been made thicker to make the knives even more comfortable and easier to use for those with poor grip.

We then improved the styling and chose a bright colour to highlight the special “soft-feel” non-slip areas.

The finished results retain all the ergonomic features of our tried and tested range whilst the improved styling will make them look at home in any contemporary kitchen.


Prepared vegetables are really handy but more expensive: try cutting up veg when you are feeling well (or set your significant-other/teenager/ food processor to work) and then bagging them up for the freezer. Carrots, squash, leeks etc all freeze well.

Source: http://cookingwitharthur.blogspot.co.uk a handy website with many more tips for cooking with Arthritis.

  • Thicker Handle

    Hand does not need to close so much to gain grip.

  • Angled Handle

    Keeps the hand and wrist at a natural angle which prevents causing discomfort of the wrist

  • Non-Slip Grip

    Knife does not require such a firm grip and is less likely to twist in wet or greasy conditions.

  • Stainless Steel blade

    Longer lasting and more hygienic