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Easi-Grip® Carving Fork



Ever popular, our value range of Easi-Grip® utensils, including our Easi-Grip® Carving Fork, has received consistently favourable comments from our customers.

These are supremely light-weight and the combination of non-slip grip and ergonomic angle make these utensils a welcome addition to the kitchen of anyone challenged with a weak grip or who is easily fatigued.


Roast joints of meat in foil pans, you can pop them in the dishwasher to clean and they are very light to lift!

Source: http://cookingwitharthur.blogspot.co.uk a handy website with many more tips for cooking with Arthritis.

  • Angled Handle

    Keeps the hand and wrist at a natural angle which prevents causing discomfort of the wrist

  • Non-Slip Grip

    Knife does not require such a firm grip and is less likely to twist in wet or greasy conditions.

  • Stainless Steel blade

    Longer lasting and more hygienic