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Dext Keywing

from £4.95

This award winning design offers a simple solution to the problem of using Yale Keys which have a small surface area making them difficult to grip and turn.  The Keywing clips over the key  to provide a much wider finger contact area which improves grip and leverage when turning.  Available in a range of 3 colours allowing the user to colour-code their keys and find the right one first time, every time.



1. Gently pull clips outwards to release the tray
2. Peel off the film and press key firmly onto sticky pad
3. Re-insert the key and tray and clip it into place


BACKGROUND: The Keywing has been designed by Geoff Rolandsen who was inspired to design a key turner when he watched his father struggling to unlock his shed. Seeing first hand the challenges to everyday life which deteriorating dexterity brought he determined to make a difference to his life, by designing a beautiful, desirable product that could help restore independence to his father and others living with arthritis or other dexterity limiting conditions.

  • Increases size of key

    Easier to grip and provides leverage for turning

  • Bright colours available

    Easy to find

  • Tactile bumps

    Stops fingers slipping

  • Made from Nylon

    Warm to touch even in extreme cold