2 Year Guarantee

Mini Easi-Grip® Scissors (Adult use only)



The Mini Easi-Grip® Scissors, are ultra light weight self-opening scissors. Designed for use by those with weak hands or wrists or who are unable to use conventional style scissors due to swollen and painful joints, but actually just a very handy pair of scissors that no home (or handbag) should be without!

As there are no finger and thumb loops less bias is put on the blades when cutting, which means they can be used in the left hand too!

  • Continuous loop handle

    Easy to use even with swollen joints, finger isolation not necessary.

  • Self-Opening action

    Re-Opens scissor when pressure is released reducing effort required.

  • Fine pointed blades

    Gives precise results for fine / intricate cutting.

  • Small size

    Can be used in palm of the hand and stored in handbag, sewing box, bathroom cabinet.

  • Blade guard

    Protects blades and provides safe storage when not in use.