2 Year Guarantee

Nimble Paper Cutter



The Nimble – a smart cutting tool that can be operated using just one finger, safely and efficiently. This one finger cutting tool built to last which means you won’t need a replacement anytime soon. Safe and pocket-sized, so ideal to take with you in your bag or pencil case. Ideal for opening parcels, envelopes, food packets and many other things.  Cutting has never been so simple – the possibilities are endless!


BACK-GROUND: Nimble was developed to address the problem many with limited hand function experience: opening poorly designed food packaging. Designer Simon Lyons worked closely with Alaster Yoxall of Sheffield Hallam University, an expert in accessible design, to come up with a solution which was trialled with the support of over 150 volunteer testers (both disabled and non-disabled). Nimble was in the finals of the national Inclusive Technology Challenge Prize run by Nesta, a UK-based innovation charity. The final design has proved to have many applications and is equally popular with non-disabled as disabled.

  • Non-biassed cutting blade

    Suitable for use by left or right-handers for simple or accurate cutting out

  • Safe blade profile

    Makes it practically impossible to cut yourself and can be safely used by adults and children with limited hand dexterity

  • Zirconia ceramic blade

    Much harder and longer lasting than steel, no need for replacements