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Posted on the 15th September 2016. Written by Simon Carrick Cowlin

Rob Smith, Director of the Active Hands Company and the designer of Active Hands gripping aids had a climbing accident in 1996 and suffered a high-level spinal cord injury which left me with partial paralysis in all four limbs.  His injury was an incomplete injury (the spinal cord was not completely severed) so he is able to stand and to walk very short distances using crutches, but uses a wheelchair for many day-to-day activities. Although it was hard for him to come to terms with the restricted movement in his lower body he began to realise that it was actually the frustration of having very poor function and strength in his hands that restricted his life much more.  Recently Rob tried our Easi-Grip Card Holder.

“I must admit, I do enjoy the occasional game of poker, both at home with friends and at a casino.  The problem I’ve had since my injury though is that I struggle to hold my cards firmly in my hands and struggle even more to fan them out. This can often result in me dropping them, giving opponents a chance to see my hand and call my bluff.  However, with this nifty card holder I can slot my cards between the two wheels and then twist them so that they fan out perfectly, allowing me to hold up to 14 cards in one hand and eliminating the risk of scattering them all over the table.  Can be used in conjunction with a multitude of card games and is an ideal accessory for any aspiring card sharks!”

You can see Rob demonstrating the card holder
To buy a card holder
To see the range of “Active Hands” Rob has developed visit

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