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Dual Control Teaching Scissors

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Our Dual Control Teaching Scissors have been developed under consultation with Occupational Therapists to assist the child who:

Has poor visuomotor co-ordination

Lacks the strength to complete the cutting action

Has a tremor and cannot place the scissors at a given starting point

Has poor background/foreground differentiation.

Also ideal for use in Early Years settings to teach the opening/closing action of scissor skills.

The child uses the loops furthest from the blade, whilst the adult places their fingers over the child’s hand and through the loops nearest the blade to assist with placement, guidance and strength.


Mastering scissor skills can help with overall manual dexterity therefore helping with independence skills such as dressing which can lead to greater self-confidence.

  • Double loop handles

    Allows therapist/teacher and child to simultaneously complete the cutting action:

  • Wide finger contact area

    Ensures a comfortable grip which can be maintained throughout use

  • Colour coded handles

    Easily identify correct pair to use :
    Blue handles = Right Hand
    Green handles = Left Hand

  • High quality stainless steel blade

    Provides longevity and cuts through paper with ease
    ADULT SIZE = 75mm pointed
    CHILD SIZE = 45mm rounded

  • Introducing young children to scissor use
  • Supporting children unable to hold the scissors independently
  • Demonstrating scissor use to children who find it difficult to follow instructions
  • Encouraging bilateral hand use
  • Reduced grip strength and motor control
  • Supporting children with a visual impairment or a tremor
  • Developing confidence in reluctant scissor users