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Easi-Grip® Add-on Handles

from £10.95

You can have all the benefits of our Easi-Grip® Add-on handles without replacing all your garden tools. By simply attaching our Add-On Handles to your favourite hand tools you can make them more comfortable to use. You can use our arm support cuffs with Add-On Handles too.

By using two Add-On Handles set at right angles to each other on a rake or hoe you can carry out the task without twisting and bending, saving your back as well as your hands!

But please don’t think Add-On Handles are only for use in the garden, they have been used on golf trolleys, oars and many other items around the house!


Raking and sweeping can be easier if you use an add-on Easi-Grip style handle and an arm support cuff – particularly if you use one hand, have a weak grip or weak wrist.

All the Easi-Tips used on these pages came from www.carryongardening.org.uk the website for Thrive, the charity for Social and Therapeutic horticulture, where you will find many, many more great ideas and resources.

  • Easi-Grip® style handle

    Keeps the hand and wrist in a natural angle with prevents causing discomfort of the wrist

  • Two steel adjustable hose clamps with plastic wing-spade thumb screws

    Handle can be fitted to any tool with a shaft diameter of up to 50mm (2”) so that tools can benefit from the ergonomic angled handle. Allows existing tools to be converted to enjoy the advantages of Easi-Grip® handle

  • Can also be added to long shafted tools such as hoes and rakes

    Allows a wider working field and prevents the need for twisting and bending

  • Socket for plug in arm support

    Allows plug in arm support to also be used. Enables some tasks to be completed one-handed (eg. sweeping)