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Long Loop Self-Opening Scissors

from £7.95

Our Long Loop Self-Opening Scissors (LPL & LPR) have been designed with an extended loop to give increased strength and control over the cutting action with the added benefit of a discreet spring which automatically reopens the scissors, allowing the child to concentrate on manipulating the paper and directing the cut.


For hand-writing and cutting activities make sure the child is well supported with feet firmly on the ground. Table at hip height. Use a box or adjustable chair to assist.

  • Fitted with discreet spring

    Reopens scissors after every cut

  • Long loop handle

    Provides superb control of cutting action using middle, ring and little finger for strength whilst index finger is used for guidance

  • Wide finger contact area

    Ensures a comfortable grip which can be maintained throughout use

  • Colour coded handles

    Easily identify correct pair to use :
    Blue handles = Right Hand
    Green handles = Left Hand

  • High quality stainless steel blade

    Provides longevity and cuts through paper with ease
    ADULT SIZE = 75mm pointed
    CHILD SIZE = 45mm rounded

  • Blade guard

    Fixes over the blades to provide safe storage

  • Older children who prefer a more conventional styling but are unable to manage opening and closing the scissors
  • Poor grip strength
  • Reduced motor control