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Push Down Table Top Scissors

from £9.95

Designed for those with very limited hand function, our Push Down Table Top Scissors are easy to use, simply requiring a pushing down action on the “T” shaped handle.  The spring will automatically reopen the scissors once the pressure is released.

Can be used either by maintaining the paper in a fixed position and “scooting” the scissors along with each cutting action; or by keeping the scissors stable (a Dycem® mat can help with this) and moving the paper towards the scissors.

Supplied in handy zip  case for easy storage.


We recommend using a non-slip mat, such as Dycem® if you wish to keep your Push Down scissor in a stable position whilst moving the paper during the cutting action.

  • NEW! Hidden spring

    This is now integral to the blade and not visible whilst still providing the same self-opening action

  • Large “T” shaped handles

    Designed for use on table-top to give good stability and leverage

  • High quality stainless steel blade

    Provides longevity and cuts through paper with ease
    ADULT SIZE = 75mm pointed
    CHILD SIZE = 45mm rounded

  • Blade guard

    Fixes over the blades to provide safe storage

  • NEW! Zip case

    Attractive and handy for storing other small items such as pencil grips. Keeps the scissors safe when not in use.

  • Weak hand and/or arm strength
  • Poor motor control
  • Tremor
  • Joint protection in conditions like Arthritis
  • Cost effective table top scissor that can be stored in regular classroom storage space
  • Children with poor strength able to access/carry the scissor independently