2 Year Guarantee

Standard Left Hand Scissors



These standard left hand scissors have a wide finger contact area which makes them comfortable to use when cutting out paper and thin card.  Ideal for use at home or school.


For fine cutting it is important to provide left-handers with left-handed scissors as the reversed blades make the cutting line clearly visible during the cutting action.

  • Wide finger contact area

    Ensures a comfortable grip which can be maintained throughout use

  • Colour coded handles

    Easily identify correct pair to use :
    Green handles = Left Hand

  • High quality stainless steel blade

    Provides longevity and cuts through paper with ease
    CHILD SIZE = 45mm rounded

  • Weak grip/strength
  • Poor motor control
  • Training placement of the thumb while continuing to provide the benefit of the long loop handle
  • Introducing the skill of opening and closing the scissors
  • Young children who are able to open and close the scissors but become confused about finger placement in regular scissors