Gardening with Spinal Injuries

The Difficulty John is in his 80’s and is a tetraplegic after a fall from a ladder whilst pruning an apple tree. John suffered a broken neck and severe spinal cord injuries which left him totally paralysed and wheelchair-bound. Fortunately, some feeling and movement gradually returned to one side of his body. With help and … Continue reading Gardening with Spinal Injuries

Gardening with Fibromyalgia

The Difficulty When Morgan Hands was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a common form of arthritis causing joint and muscle pain, she thought her gardening days were over. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to spend much time gardening as she would get tired after doing very little. It was extremely frustrating and because of her … Continue reading Gardening with Fibromyalgia

Growing Support

NAME: Dale Cranshaw, Director ORGANISATION: Growing Support CIC DIFFICULTY ENCOUNTERED: Primarily we work with older people and people with dementia in their own care home gardens. Many of the residents we support in our social and therapeutic gardening sessions find it difficult to handle and lift traditional gardening tools due to the tools weight and … Continue reading Growing Support